• Some say it’s the suit that makes a man.

    Me, I’d rather be defined by my work ethic and integrity.

  • Why just think outside the box?

    I’m outside, inside, around—and everywhere taped in between.

  • Nobody hears about the little train that couldn’t.

    There’s only room for ‘can’ in my dictionary.

  • The best partnerships in business are deep-rooted

    My seeds of success are first planted through strong, cooperative relationships.

  • All the world’s a stage

    (and I’m ready to perform business wherever it takes me).



Highly regarded in all my work situations and known for having a keen mind of my own, I am the combination of the proactive big picture planner who also brings an absolute attention to detail. My naturally respectful manner and strong communication/presentation skills have been developed from extensive independent life experiences in, and with, various cultures. A touch serious minded and contemplative, you will find me an intuitive listener who is intrigued by challenge and interested in diverse business-related fields where I am valued for my strong trouble-shooting mindset and forward-thinking ability.

Perhaps this yearning for new challenges was what motivated me to hit the streets of Beirut, Lebanon, at sixteen years old with my résumé in hand, only to be hired on the spot as a Junior Assistant with an IT company for the summer. However, I was not finished there: only months after that, I began my college diploma in Accounting and Computer, when I was soon hired as a Support Coordinator with UnITeG, which provides IT solutions for both individuals and businesses.

After graduating from college, I wanted to take my IT skills to the next level and gain more knowledge on how to apply them to the business world. To do this, I enrolled in the Management Information Systems program at the American University of Science & Technology, while also getting hired as an IT Administrator at Baroudi & Associates – a leading full-service law firm in Lebanon. There, I gained tremendous experience in project management, servers, and IT security in a high-pressure working environment.

Knowing that my opportunities were somewhat limited in Lebanon, I moved to Canada in 2010 to help me fulfill my dreams. Although most of my experience up until this point was in IT, I also wanted to pursue my equal passion for business – allowing me to combine both interests to become a more dynamically capable professional for any future career opportunity that may arise.

With this in mind, my transfer to Memorial University’s Business Administration program was a natural progression, one that allowed me to pair my strong IT skills with an even deeper foundation of business knowledge. On top of this, I was also hired by the university to work as an IT Support Consultant, helping me gain even more professional experience before I embark upon my career.

After completing my undergrad in Business in 2014, I was hired as a full-time IT Specialist at Memorial University. But my thirst to advance myself was not yet quenched. While working, I pursued a Master’s in Technology Management with major in Engineering and Applied Science Technology, which I completed in April 2016.

So where am I now? Toronto. I have traveled to Canada’s “big apple” to apply my skill set at the world’s most cutting-edge innovative institutions, and secured a position at Scotiabank. As an Analyst within the IT Lean Program team, I deliver improvement initiatives and transformation projects by leveraging the Lean methodology to drive operational efficiency through operating model redesign, resource optimization, process standardization, and management best practice implementation.



Analyst, IT Lean Practice (September 2016 – Present)
Scotiabank – Toronto, Canada

IT Specialist (April 2014 – March 2016)
Memorial University – St. John’s, Canada

IT Support Consultant (May 2011 – December 2013)
Memorial University – St. John’s, Canada

IT Administrator (October 2008 – November 2010)
Baroudi & Associates – Beirut, Lebanon


Master of Technology Management (2014 – 2016)
Major: Engineering & Applied Science Technology
Memorial University – St. John’s, Canada

Bachelor of Business Administration (2011 – 2014)
Memorial University – St. John’s, Canada

Courses towards Bachelor of MIS (2008 – 2010)
American University of Science & Technology – Beirut, Lebanon



“Owen has worked with me at Memorial University for a number of years, as part of the IT group of a large department. Owen goes above and beyond in everything he does, and makes sure to impress every client. His attention to detail is outstanding, and his consideration for client needs is a strong asset. Being so highly knowledgeable in the business and technology fields, which are so strongly tied together these days, his decisions and ideas are always well balanced. I would recommend him if you are looking for somebody you can depend on, and someone who will win your clients over.”

Ian Samuelson
Programmer Consultant at Memorial University of Newfoundland

“Owen stands out as one of the sharpest, most forward thinking students I have had the pleasure to teach in my Business Communications, Research and Writing course at Memorial University’s Faculty of Business. Always punctual and prepared, he brought an informed, mature perspective to his studies and interacted very well with his classmates. Exceptional at time management and with strong organizational/planning skills, Owen worked full time while completing a demanding course load. Additionally, he always brought a positive energy and sincere good humor to our class, Owen was a pleasure to teach and will succeed in any pursuits he chooses. You would be lucky to have him join your team!”

Kathy Hickman
Engaging & Expert Speaker and Facilitator in Team and Leadership Development

“Mr. Harb worked under my supervision at Baroudi & Associates as an IT Administrator and I have found him to be reliable and dedicated. He is also a conscientious and honest employee. Mr. Harb is creative and resourceful and we have benefited from his innovative ideas. He has worked well as a team leader as well as an efficient team member. Mr. Harb’s contributions to the firm have been impressive and valuable. He has demonstrated enthusiasm and creativity toward a variety of projects. He is a very competent employee and has an excellent rapport with other employees as well.”

Jean Baroudi
Managing Partner at Baroudi & Associates

“I am pleased to provide a recommendation for Owen, who was a student of mine in the Introduction to Entrepreneurship course in fall 2011.

Owen is a hardworking, intelligent student who participated actively in the classroom. I found him to be a mature, personable and creative individual, who made a significant contribution by asking insightful questions and facilitating discussion among his peers.

I would be happy to provide a more detailed recommendation if required.

Thank you,”

Dr. Gary Gorman
Dean Emeritus at Memorial University of Newfoundland

“Owen was an active participant in the Professional Skills Development Program. He took initiative and was engaged in group discussions, drawing on both his academic and work related experiences to enhance the learning for other students in the program. With his positive attitude and professional manner he was able to make the best of this opportunity alongside his required academic program.”

Jennifer White
Establishing Student Relationships Program Coordinator at Memorial University of Newfoundland

“I found Owen to be professional and pleasant to work with. He is an excellent colleague, responsive, consultative and reliable. He displayed good knowledge of the IT industry and provided prompt responses and solutions to problems.”

Houda El Chaar
In-House Legal Counsel at The Riva Group

“Owen is a resourceful leader who strives to make those around him succeed. His positive attitude is infectious, leading to high morale within a team setting. Furthermore, Owen’s attention to detail was a key to the success we shared working on various projects at Memorial University.”

Chad Lawlor
Business Graduate from Memorial University of Newfoundland

“Owen is a highly motivated person who works hard to achieve his goals, even if he has to work overtime. He is a people person, friendly, experienced, focused, achiever, and knows how to handle customers.”

Hassan G. Hibri
Director of Operations at UnITeG

“Owen was my mentor when I came to Memorial University as an exchange student. He was there to help from the moment I landed in Canada. He is welcoming, supportive, flexible, focused, and a great planner. I’m glad I had him as my mentor and I believe he made my exchange experience more pleasurable.”

Simone Marenchino
Masters Student at University of Turin, Italy.